Taylor Hill – Hill Tax and Consulting, Founder

Taylor Hill started his own accounting practice when he was two years out of college. In the few years since, he’s built a full-time business, and we discuss how he got to this point, as well as an interesting potential avenue that lies ahead for him doing tax consulting in the marijuana industry, which is where our conversation starts off. Later on, we get into what holds people back from starting their own businesses, how to attract the kinds of clients you want to work with, and how entrepreneurship grants people far-greater control over their lives than they would have otherwise. Taylor’s got a really down to earth manner, and a good sense of humor, so I hope this conversation is as fun to listen to as it was to record.

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Our conversation covers: how he first got traction in building a client base, what his early career was like fresh out of college, the characteristics that make people become entrepreneurs, the role of passion, the importance of autonomy and doing work you love, his mentorship of his nephew Josh, how to encourage entrepreneurs, the knowledge gap that holds people back, the early struggles of starting a business, deciding how much to charge, the value of networking, and how to go about it successfully, attracting the right kind of clients for you, the risks of starting a business, the fears that hold people back, and the tradeoffs of running a business out of your garage.

You can find more about Taylor and his business “Hill Tax, Consulting, and Financial Services” at hilltaxandconsulting.com 

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