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Entrepreneurship probably isn’t for everyone (as Spencer even points out in this interview). But it is definitely for people like Spencer Hill, founder of The Portland Company. His business now focuses on marketing and business strategy, but it originally offered just a small sliver of the services it provides. He’s an avid learner, and tireless producer of assets that will help his business and his clients’ businesses thrive. I think traditionally, a lot of people think of assets in terms of hard assets, like buildings, and land, and machinery, but Spencer gives an interesting window into the world of internet assets (websites, viral content, SEO optimization…anything that directs traffic to you and your brand). I encourage you to check out this conversation, and if it intrigues you, check out The Portland Company at theportlandcompany.com.

I learned a ton from Spencer about content marketing, and growing an online business, not to mention the world of tiny-homes! Spencer Hill started his business development and marketing strategy business called The Portland Company over 12 years ago. And so he has a lot of knowledge to share when it comes to developing an online business, having built his own and advised many others. He talks about how he thinks about branching into new areas, the importance of creating an overarching strategy for marketing, and creating valuable online assets for your business. If you’re thinking about starting or growing a business with any sort of online presence, this conversation touches on a few of the ways you can go about that. And if you’re intrigued by what you hear, talk to Spencer for more information at ThePortlandCompany.com Besides that, Spencer’s got an interesting side-project in building a tiny-home too, and has a lot to share about that world as well. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

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Thanks again Spencer for making the time. After we recorded this conversation, Spencer gave me a lot of helpful feedback both for my website and growing this podcast. If you’re looking for help with marketing and business strategy, be sure to check out his business, The Portland Company at ThePortlandCompany.com.

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