Sandi Serling – Activating Happy Conference, Founder

Two years ago Sandi Serling started an annual conference called “Activating Happy.” She brings in experts from many different perspectives ranging from the neuroscientific to the spiritual, so wherever people are coming from, they are sure to hear some new and valuable ideas. Sandi’s own journey getting into this work is interesting too, and she has quite a few insights. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation!

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Thanks, Sandi! You can find more about her conference at You can find links to that site and the many resources she shares in the show notes for this episode, both in your app and on

Topics Discussed:

  • Creating the Activating Happy conference
  • Learning from experts
  • Reasons for the surge in happiness research
  • The power of intuition
  • The power of positive energy
  • Neuroplasticity, changing our thoughts with our thoughts
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • What Sandi has learned about happiness
  • The importance of spending time in nature
  • Book recommendations for a better life

In the podcast I encouraged listeners to “try out” some of this energy stuff, and I feel like I was kind of vague, so here are some specific details of what I to do. First off, Affirmations are basically where you have a goal, and you write it down 10 times a day, and over time you’ll find yourself gravitating towards that goal until it happens. So that’s one. And maybe it’s not even an energy spiritual thing so much as a daily reminder. But it really aligns you with a sense of purpose. Two, try to cultivate a positive energy. Try to be genuinely cheerful with other people, try to elevate your resting state to a more positive level instead of feeling tired, or cynical, or down in the dumps. An old-fashioned name for this might just be attitude, but people really react well to it, and it will open doors you can’t imagine. Three, trust your gut. Make a couple minor decisions on a whim, maybe talk to someone you haven’t in a while. Until relatively recently, I was like the poster-child of over-thinking. What has happened since I started relying more on intuition, rather than on purely rational analysis has been remarkable, If you want to talk about it more, feel free to leave a comment on or send me an email at [email protected]

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Books Referenced:

The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer

WILD, by Cheryl Strayed

Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani

10% Happier, by Dan Harris

The Unworried Brain, by Brad Pendergraft

The Four Agreements, by Don Ruiz

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Thanks for listening.

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