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Jared Rallison, founder and wine-maker of Rallison Cellars, is practically an encyclopedia when it comes to the science of wine making. No matter what I threw at him, he could not be stumped. So my hope is that this podcast is one you can enjoy on your way to your next wine tasting, or as a reason to go out and enjoy some fantastic Oregon wine at Rallison Cellars. I feel like I learned a ton from talking to him, and incidentally one of the great things about his Tasting Room in Sherwood is that you might get to meet the man himself when you stop by to ask him any questions you have. He’s a great teacher, and very passionate about what he does, so I recommend making a trip to try his wine.

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Jared does a great job making wine more approachable and inclusive. With a lot of his advice (and, indeed, his actions), he channels the Entrepreneurial Spirit, which essentially is: get out and do it. Want to learn more about wine? Go do some tastings, see what you like. Want to be a wine maker? Try making some wine. It’s easy for kids entering college to be disconnected with the realities of their desired professions, so I really liked it when Jared recommended that aspiring wine-makers should try working in wine-making for a harvest. Experience is a great teacher. Jared’s got 18 years of experience, and it’s served him very well. Imagine if he had never started, or had waited to start making wine until he had gone to school for Oenology, or had started only after buying his vineyard. We wouldn’t have the benefit of his knowledge, and we wouldn’t have the great wine he serves at Rallison Cellars’ Tasting Room.

The wine business is interesting too, and so if you’ve ever wondered about what happens behind the scenes at wineries, I think you’ll find a great resource here too. I had a lot of fun, so I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

And, if you were drinking wine at the Robin Hood Festival Beer Garden in Sherwood, Oregon, odds are good that you had a bottle from Rallison Cellars. If you liked that, he has plenty more at his Tasting Room on Railroad St.



Books Referenced: Oregon Viticulture by Ed Hellman 

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