Service Level Agreement

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Service Level Agreement

This agreement describes the standard level of service that all website hosting customers can expect from The Portland Company (“TPC”). It attempts to quantify the levels of service that all hosting customers can expect, and the remedies we offer if we fail to provide service at those levels.

A web server, and a web site, are not the same thing. This Service Level Agreement pertains strictly to the web server. If you would like active website monitoring services please contact us for packages and pricing.

TPC guarantees 99% up time for all web servers for clients.


99.9% Network and Servers Uptime

TPC guarantees that the customer’s website, which is hosted on the TPC network and Servers, will be available 99.9% of the time, excluding maintenance, as defined below. Network downtime is defined as the customer’s hosted website being unable to be viewed or accessed through the Internet, caused by failure of network equipment managed and / or owned by TPC, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance means scheduled maintenance or emergency maintenance. Scheduled Maintenance means any maintenance in the TPC network/servers of which the customer is notified at least 2 days in advance. Emergency maintenance means any maintenance in the TPC network/servers that: (a) in TPC’s sole discretion, is necessary to avoid an immediate threat to the TPC networks/servers or customer’s server and (b) of which customer is notified.


Response times

Support, unless noted otherwise in a supplementary service level agreement, technical support is provided by TPC on a first-come, first-served “best effort” basis. We aim to at least acknowledge, if not fully answer, all emails to within 1 business day for non-emergencies. We aim to answer the phones during working hours, but under times of high demand or staff sickness, may defer to an answering service where we promise to return all messages as soon as possible. Emergency requests – as defined by this SLA – will be replied to upon receipt.



The customer shall not be entitled to any credit hereunder if the network downtime is caused by: (i) actions of the customer or others authorised by the customer to use the service under the Agreement; (ii) customer application, software, or customer’s operating system failure, (iii) the result of network maintenance activity, (iv) denial of service attack, hacker activity, or other malicious event or code targeted against TPC or a TPC customer, or (v) failure of any network or Internet Infrastructure not owned or managed by TPC (vi) If customer has more than one website hosted on TPC networks or servers, then a claim may be accepted for one hosted website.



“Service” means any hosting or connectivity service offered by TPC, including but not limited to Hosting Services or Dedicated Hosts, Support and Maintenance Agreements.
“Customer”, “you”, “your” means you, the person or persons in whose name(s) a service is maintained by.
“Technical contact” means a person or persons nominated by the Customer with whom TPC can discuss all matters of a technical nature relating to the Service.
“Working hours” means 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard and Pacific Daylight Time, Monday to Friday, excluding all US Federal Holidays.


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