SSL Integration


What’s included in this service?

We will install an SSL certificate into your website or server and ensure it automatically renews annually.


Note: If you choose to employ us for Speed Enhancements or Monthly Website Maintenance, this service is included automatically.


What is an SSL?

In the top left of your screen it will say a website is either Secure or Insecure. This is what it looks like when a website is secure.


Why do I need one?

Even if your website doesn’t transmit secure information such as credit card numbers, it’s still important to have an SSL in place because search engines, like Google, now rank websites lower if they do not have them.

If your website does transmit secure information it’s absolutely essential to have because it encrypts that information so it cannot be viewed by an intermediary that would steal the information.



Which package do I choose?

If you don’t know, then you should choose Basic.

The Advanced package are for those who have a dedicated server and you are certain you need it installed onto the server itself.

Additional information


Basic, Advanced

From: $20.00 / month and a $60.00 sign-up fee