Professional Premium Backlink Building


Premium backlinks, that meet Google’s high standards, are a necessity to succeed in search engine rankings.

We will get those backlinks and verify them and their effectiveness ongoing for you.


What’s included in this service?

  • Research to identify backlink opportunities.
  • Outreach to potential high-quality backlink providers.
  • Negotiation of terms to get your backlink on their website.
  • Submission of backlink application and requirements.
    • Often times high-quality backlink providers have strict standards that must be met in order to approve your backlink being added to their website. We will coordinate with them to ensure your backlink has the criteria necessary to be accepted. This criterion may include a description of your business, links to authoritative sources that testify to your business’ reputation, and additional content such as an excerpt or article to be placed on their website.
  • Tracking & ongoing monitoring of ranking improvements directly from each backlink provider.

What is not included in this service:

  • Sometimes backlink providers require payment to process the request. An exchange of payment is technically advertising not organic SEO, but it can have the same impact. We focus on link exchanges, article submissions, or those who are writing articles already and are looking for a reputable business to feature to help them improve their site rankings by linking to a relevant site. If these options are not available in a given month we will consider paid backlink providers. In such cases, we’ll provide you with their pricing, typically between $250 and $1,500 depending on the domain authority of the website. Such cost is optional, but may be what we recommend and is not included in the scope of this service.

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From: $499.00 / month