Google AdWords Management


What this service includes:

  • Single Account Rep
  • Creating & Configuring AdWord Account
  • Creating Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads
  • Optimizing Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads based on historical data.
  • Weekly Consults + Monthly Report
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion (Where Applicable)
  • Ad Campaign Copy Writing
  • A/B Testing
  • AdWords Specific Competitor Analysis
  • Manual Bid Management
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Basic Landing Page CreationLearn about Premium Landing Page Development »
  • Call Tracking – The sources that calls come from is tracked and incorporated into reports.
  • Negative Keyword Template – If your industry has an existing template of Negative Keywords to use then we’ll import that and curate it.
  • Fraudulent Click Monitoring which includes:

24\7 Monitoring
Up to 5000 Ad Clicks
IPv6 Support
Automatic IP Blocking 
Campaign Level Blocking Rules 
Refund Claims Management
Block IP Ranges 
Session Recording & Analysis 
Click Fraud Attack Indicator 
VPN & Proxy Blocking 
Device Detection 
Account & Campaign Level Blocking
Aggressive Mode 


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$250.00 / month and a $350.00 sign-up fee