Content Marketing


Content marketing is the process of creating and syndicating content to attract an audience, especially to sell your products and services to.



What’s included in this service?


What is the cost?

We require a 12 month contract, which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually and a minimum of $5,000 a month. For context, we recommend a budget of $15,000 a month if you’re in your first year of marketing and are looking for the maximum impact at the fastest pace. At $5,000 a month we coordinate with you to identify the top methods of content marketing and focus on those first, if we have funding available after, then we will continue onto lower priority services but they are not guaranteed to be included.


Check out some of the articles we’ve written to help you understand and evaluate the place of content marketing your business.


Engagement Strategies

Each platform has different tools and rules for interacting with your audience. Annually, or more often, those tools and rules change. Even for a small business: to develop and manage the strategy for engaging with your audience on each platform can become a part time job or beyond.

As apart of our Content Marketing service, we will create an Engagement Strategy for each platform that we syndicate your content to. We’ll provide a written document that explains the nuances of working on the platform so that your in-house staff can manage the engagement if you choose not to employ our company, or another marketing firm, to manage that aspect.


Content Research

We begin the content marketing process by learning everything we can about your business, it’s products and services, your customers, how you operate and, especially, your sales funnels and process.

From there we begin to research your competitors and the broader industry to understand how you compare, and observe the strengths and weaknesses.

This ensures we’re educated enough to begin the ideation process.


Content Creation

1. Ideation

The next step in the process is coming up with ideas for subject matter and the mediums (copy, media, etc…). This includes forming outlines, scripts, wireframes, mockups and prototypes when applicable. Sharing these with the client for niche-specific feedback. And getting approval to move forward.

We’ll also identify outlets and mediums to syndicate to.

2. Creating Copy

During this step we create all copy. This includes blog articles, 

3. Creating Media

And in this phase we create the media including photography, digital designs, video production and more.

4. Syndication

Finally, we begin to schedule the syndication of content and execute that syndication.