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Social Media Marketing has a few different aspects to it:


Advertising Management

The advertising management is when you employ us to manage your advertising campaigns (Ex. Facebook Ads is a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model). This includes creating the social accounts, creating the ads (including doing all of the related research to create productive campaigns), etc…


Content Marketing

The content marketing is the process of creating and syndicating content through your social channels at the best times and with the best techniques. Technique include using hashtags or mentions to expose your message to individuals and media outlets that will further syndicate your content.

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Account & Engagement Management

Each social account requires being initially setup or updated with current information about your business. But there is also a layer of social engagement that can arise. This is when your audience is interacting with you through your social accounts such as sharing posts, writing public and private messages to you, etc… The management of this, especially across multiple accounts, can become a part time, or more, job overnight. We have the tools and the team to not only manage it, but nurture that engagement through the sales funnel.

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Since 2005 we've been offering digital and content marketing strategy and implementation. Including website development, search engine optimization and marketing, search marketing and more.

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