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Absolute Beginners Guide to Root’s Trellis + Bedrock + Sage

Posted on 30th, April 2018 9:12 AM by Spencer Hill

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I have a knack for hitting every possible obstacle. It stems from the early days of my education and is something I’ve had to hobble through life trying to mitigate. Since the internet though, I’ve found that there are many others like me. So when I try a new technology I am in the habit […]

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What is professional logo design?

Posted on 20th, March 2018 2:08 PM by Spencer Hill

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These days, it’s easy to create your own logo or remotely hire individuals for as little as $5. Yet, some agencies still charge hundreds, or thousands of dollars to create them. Why is this? And which one should I choose?   Shorter Answer Regardless of who you hire here’s what you should get: A horizontal […]

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How to Make Money From WordPress Plugins

Posted on 15th, May 2014 4:42 PM by Spencer Hill

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In 2011 years ago we started thinking about releasing some Plugins into the wild with a hope that we could establish a legitimate revenue stream that was equivalent to the revenue we already generated from being one of the best search engine marketing companies and trusted website design and development companies.   $$ Boy am […]

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Merging a WordPress Database

Posted on 16th, February 2014 7:42 PM by Spencer Hill

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This article documents the problems developers face when attempting to diff and merge two databases of the same website to publish changes from development to a production environment that has new data that has been introduced to it since the development site was forked. _transient_random_seed is a value that appears, at least, in wp_options table. […]

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WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, Boilerplate and SASS

Posted on 8th, November 2013 12:38 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Programming, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized, Website Development

This article is intended to clearly and concisely explain, to developers, how to optimally integrate Twitter’s Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate and SASS/LESS into a WordPress Theme. I begin by explaining what each of those are and then contrasting their differences to highlight how they compliment (not compete with) one another. Furthermore I aim to provide a definitive demonstration of how […]

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Organic Stuffing and Organic Batting

Posted on 16th, October 2013 12:52 PM by Spencer Hill

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This article is intended to be a complete chart of organic materials and their common costs used as stuffing and batting. I wrote it for my own purposes, to the best of my knowledge, but happily invite others to use it and contribute suggestions! While I love owning and operating The Portland Company sometimes I […]

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Why did Google make the Chromebook Pixel?

Posted on 21st, February 2013 3:36 PM by Spencer Hill

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As soon as I saw the official page for the Chromebook Pixel I thought “Why?”. Ironically, today, I literally had just returned my Chromebook (Samsung Series 5) after a week of rigorous testing. Since my Browser, Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Documents (word processor), Spreadsheets, Presentations, Phone, Video, TV, Movies, Music and oxygen are provided by Google in the cloud I began to […]

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Becoming the best Portland SEO companies.

Posted on 7th, February 2013 12:58 AM by Spencer Hill

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“The shoe shiners own shoes are last to be shined!” And so, too, with web development and SEO companies; they’re usually their worst client! Optimizing a website for an SEO company is like trying to sell a used car salesman his own car: it doesn’t get much harder. If you think about it, the SEO […]

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Optimizing for Competitive Terms Like Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals

Posted on 31st, January 2013 5:22 PM by Spencer Hill

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In our previous article we mentioned that we’ve gained Paradise Vacations, a Gulf Coast vacation rentals company, and this key phrase is proving to be a challenging term to optimize for! It’s been over 30 days and we’ve seen little improvement. This is highly unusual for as as we typically see our clients boost to the front […]

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Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals by

Posted on 29th, December 2012 11:21 AM by Spencer Hill

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We’ve adopted another new client to prove we’re one of the best SEO company’s out there: Paradise Vacations. This time we’ve been asked to optimize them for Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals so that they can burst their way into the global searches for that market. I’d love the chance to visit their locations in the […]

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