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What is a wireframe in website development or application development?

Posted on 6th, September 2021 7:27 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Business Development, New Products or Services, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Website Development, Website Development

In the context of website development or application development a wireframe black and white, deliberately simplified line drawing of the layout of a website or application. This is sometimes mistakenly synonymous with website prototyping.   Example   How are wireframes used? Wireframing is one step in a professional website design process. It’s a time and […]

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What does a professional proposal, contract or estimate look like?

Posted on by Spencer Hill

Posted in: AdWords, Analytics, Business Development, Company News, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Press Releases, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Video Production, Website Development, Website Development

This article outlines what both parties involved in a proposal, contract or estimate for internet marketing should expect and work towards during the negotiation process.

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Adobe Illustrator: Creating depth of field with blur, multi-tone coloring and weather

Posted on 30th, August 2018 12:24 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: 2D Vector Design, Adobe, Illustrator

In this video we’ll show you how to create a city scape, with water, and adding depth of field with multi-tone colors, layers and vector elements to create weather. This tutorial copies and deconstructs a design we found on Matt Simons’ website. All credit for the design goes to his design team. Download the Illustrator […]

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How to fix Mac full screen, minimize and close buttons

Posted on 18th, March 2015 9:26 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: OS X

This post is the result of numerous tests and experiments and ultimately combing one of the answers, by @WladamirPalant, on this StackExchange thread and a reply made by @userM1433372.   Globally Download BetterTouchTool Drag it into your Applications folder and then double click the Application to start it. Select “Other” from the right side of […]

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Paypal & Quickbooks Quirks

Posted on 13th, March 2015 7:12 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Paypal

We rely on Paypal as our credit and debit card processor, as well as our payment gateway for our website. We’ve found the benefit of receiving payments immediately paired with the Paypal Debit Card irreplaceable when standing up against higher processing fee’s, more complicated setups and inexplicable delays of 3-5+ business days to wait for funds to […]

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How to hide Tags column in WooCommerce

Posted on 20th, February 2014 10:46 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Website Development

We use WooCommerce on our website, and our customers websites and occassionally we encounter subtle issues that are a real annoyance. Today I became annoyed that the Tags column, in the Products view of WooCommerce on the backend, is visible because we have dozens of tags for some of our Products so it causes the […]

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