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Roots Issue #13: tee: /etc/exports: Operation not permitted

Posted on 19th, October 2018 6:20 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Bash / Shell, Programming, Roots, Tips and Tricks, Trellis

Context I recently upgraded to MacOS Mojave.   Problem When I ran vagrant up for an existing site (but was new to my machine) I got an error message after entering my password: tee: /etc/exports: Operation not permitted mount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported There was actually more to the error but […]

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The First 5 Things You Should Know When Using ‘Screen’

Posted on 15th, October 2017 6:59 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Bash / Shell, Programming

What is screen? screen is program that allows you to use multiple windows (virtual VT100 terminals) in Unix. In other words, instead of having a bunch of tabs open in Terminal to do different things at the same time you can run the commands below to show and hide them.   1. How to use […]

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My First Time with Roots’ Trellis + Bedrock + Sage

Posted on 7th, April 2017 7:37 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Bash / Shell, Bedrock, PHP, Programming, Roots, Sage Theme, Trellis, Website Development

This article was written to document some of the specific challenges I had that other’s using Roots’ Trellis + Bedrock + Sage may experience as well. My hope is that anyone who gets stuck will be able to save themselves the many hours it cost me to track down these solutions and understand precisely why […]

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