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What does a professional photography project look like?

Posted on 13th, May 2019 12:47 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Digital Marketing

There’s that old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” But this time might be the exception! Photographers are, at their core, judged by their cover photos. You can instantly tell if you’d be satisfied with that quality of work. So this article is not as focused on identifying quality photographers but more focused […]

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What is professional logo design?

Posted on 20th, March 2018 2:08 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Digital Design, Digital Marketing, Uncategorized, Website Development

These days, it’s easy to create your own logo or remotely hire individuals for as little as $5. Yet, some agencies still charge hundreds, or thousands of dollars to create them. Why is this? And which one should I choose?   Shorter Answer Regardless of who you hire here’s what you should get: A horizontal […]

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What does a professional advertising management look like?

Posted on 1st, January 2017 9:00 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Business Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing

We’ve written this article to assist and educate anyone seeking to hire a company for advertising management.   Certifications Certifications can be faked or manipulated and they do not always translate to optimal strategies or a return on your investment. As a company, we definitely value certifications internally because we can confirm our staff’s knowledge.  […]

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What is the difference between a Category and a Tag? And how should I use them?

Posted on 24th, October 2016 10:43 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing

In my experience, this is one of the most under used features of a website is the ability to specify Categories and Tags.   First, the difference. Tags are used to highlight key things in your content. Whereas Categories are used to describe your content. But both are used by Google and, when used in […]

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How long is the delay on the data being displayed to us in Google Analytics?

Posted on 3rd, July 2014 3:51 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: AdWords, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Tips and Tricks

Recently we were setting up a Goal in Google Analytics for a customer that tracked when their contact form and telephone number was submitted/clicked. We encountered an issue that prevented it from working but the quickest way to confirm was to see if the data was being recorded in Google Analytics. However, it wasn’t working […]

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