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Review of Razer Thresher Ultimate Headphones

Posted on 4th, April 2019 7:25 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Razer

As a company, we do professional cinematography, video production and photography. Having excellent headphones when shooting on set is essential for ending up with a great product. Interestingly, premium gaming headphones are often some of the highest quality headphones – especially with a mic – that you can get. So I recently purchased the Razer […]

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Comparison of Code Schools

Posted on 26th, April 2017 12:29 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Reviews

This article is a hyper-focused guide to comparing the code schools out there. School Team Accounts Certification Badges Interactive PHP JS HTML / CSS LESS SASS WordPress Theme Development WordPress Plugin Development WordPress Administration Angular JS MySQL Git jQuery                               […]

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7 Things Freelancers Want That Would Also Increase’s Revenue

Posted on 4th, April 2017 10:25 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Freelancing

At least 75% of the Projects lack adequate detail for a professional to provide a realistic bid. Most of them look like a cat jumped on their keyboard or zombies were outside their door and they were just trying to write it down as fast as they could. Here are 6 simple things Freelancer could […]

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The Definitive Buyers Guide to Using

Posted on 12th, January 2017 3:29 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Reviews

Whether you’ve discovered Flippa for the first time recently, or you’ve bought multiple websites through them, it can be both daunting and discouraging! Here are some tips from a veteran in the website development and small business development industry to help you locate and buy a website that is legitimate and worth an investment.   Note: […]

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Graphics Issues with the 2014 Razer Blade

Posted on 8th, December 2016 10:04 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: 10, 8.1, Blade, Gaming

If you found this article you’re probably experiencing some form of video card issues with your Razer Blade laptop. I’m sorry. It sucks.   Hopefully you’re not experiencing the issue I am. But if you are, then here is a detailed report of what’s happening, what I’ve done to try and fix it, and what things […]

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Kiel Harvey on Succeeding After Failure in Business

Posted on 1st, May 2015 7:41 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Reviews

There are a lot of successful people in business, and a handful of business leaders that are really great, and I get a lot of my inspiration and accountability from these guys. So I follow them in the news, their websites, etc…   Kiel Harvey, Mentally Tough Business Pro Business Operations and Marketing Consultant Kiel Harvey […]

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Razer Blade 2016 Wishlist

Posted on 10th, March 2015 12:18 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Blade, Razer, Reviews

I switched from a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite to a Razer Blade Pro 2014 running Windows 8.1 in February and, while I’m very pleased with it there are a few items that, if improved, would lead me to buy a newer model.   1. Magnetic Charger (AKA MagSafe) I have kids, and […]

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Bugs & Lacking Features in CodeAnywhere

Posted on 7th, March 2015 12:24 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Reviews

First off, I really appreciate the excellent customer service – and the free product – provided by the staff at CodeAnywhere. Despite it’s few failings it really is an amazing application and I’m grateful for everything they’ve done. I’ve reported all of these concerns to CodeAnywhere and received swift and timely responses from them each […]

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