Our interactive guide to help you identify and execute “actionable steps to measurable goals”.

In it you’ll find questions that lead you, step by step, through:

Assessing your resources and opportunities.

Assembling them to make your journey as smooth and swift as possible.

And knowing what to do after you reach your destinations.

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Although Atlas© is freely available it’s a tool that we use when our clients employ us for business development and marketing strategy.

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The First 5 Things You Should Know When Using ‘Screen’

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What is screen? screen is program that allows you to use multiple windows (virtual VT100 terminals) in Unix. In other words, instead of having a bunch of tabs open in Terminal to do different things at the same time you can run the commands below to show and hide them.   How to use screen? […]

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Roots Error #1 – Failed to connect to the host via ssh: Permission denied (publickey).

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Earlier this year we began using Roots’ Trellis, Bedrock and Sage to develop and manage websites. While the system is everything WordPress should be. There are some things it should not be. One of them is temperamental, another is incredibly complicated. Today I’m working on our third project with Roots. But simultaneously with our second and […]

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Roots Error #103 – ERROR! Invalid vars plugin version from /Users/myusers/Sites/

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Aaaand we’re back. If you saw or read my previous two articles, those were related to project #2. This article, however, is related to project #3.   The Problem I created the site and successfully worked on it on my Linux Ubuntu machine. I successfully deployed my work from development to staging went to bed. And then […]

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Since 2005 we've been offering digital and content marketing strategy and implementation. Including website development, search engine optimization and marketing, search marketing and more.

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