Our team marries small and medium business mentorship with the best practices of digital marketing, design, website development and application development.

 Executive Staff

Spencer Hill

Spencer Hill


Both personally, and professionally, Spencer desires to utilize his resources to influence people.

Specifically, to influence them to live the healthiest lives possible individually and in business. Furthermore, to influence them to grow their businesses as if it were as simple as a basic math equation.

He believes this begins with himself, his wife, his children, and then beyond.

Spencer brings over 13 years of experience as an owner and partner in several business that range from internet marketing and web and app (game) development, to physical goods in the lifestyle industry.

He has extensive experience in everything from digital design, 12+ programming / scripting languages, sales and marketing, management of small and medium sized teams, and executive responsibilities.

 Leland Smith

Leland Smith


Leland began his career with on-the-job training here at The Portland Company circa 2008. He began as a programmer, became a project manager with us for several years and now continues as a Strategist managing some of our Paid Search Marketing accounts and performing Preliminary Marketing Strategies.

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Core Staff

Digital Design Staff

Manish Tilara

Manish Tilara

Senior Designer

Manish has been with us since 2015 and is a talented Creative Director bringing engaging designs and design experiences to our clients. He participates in design competitions and design research experiments outside of his work here and brings the best of his experiences back to our team and clients.

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Amrinder Gill

Digital Designer


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Strategy Staff

Spencer Hill

Spencer Hill

Senior Strategist

As the Senior Strategist Spencer is responsible for training up new Strategists and carries the responsibility of defining and executing Preliminary Marketing Strategies.

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Website Development Staff

Our website development staff are permanent staff members who work exclusively for our company. They are rigorously vetted and trained by our Principle and have passed numerous exams and certifications, as you can see on their LinkedIn profiles. We do not outsource any of our work.

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Tafhim Ul Islam

Tafhim Ul-Islam

Senior Application Developer

Tafhim has been with The Portland Company since early 2015 and proven to be a dedicated leader and loyal staff member. He is an extremely experienced and skilled application developer in addition to being a front end Developer and expert in WordPress Plugin Development.


Komal Gorg

Senior Team Lead & Future Partner

Komal has been with The Portland Company since late 2015, and is also a dedicated and integral member of The Portland Company. He is working his way towards partnership within the company and invests his own capital in it’s advertising and infrastructure

Salman Ansari - Senior Web Application Developer for The Portland Company


Salman Ansari

Web Developer & Senior Application Developer

Salman has been with us since mid 2016 and is our go-to guy for the toughest technical challenges on clients projects. He’s an expert in programmatically solving complex problems for our clients and assists in training our other staff on the latest technology. 

Salman and Komal share a private office in Panchkula, India (northern central tip of India) and while they do take on freelance work they are exclusive staff members of The Portland Company and are not a company we outsource too but a fully integrated part of our team.


Abdul Wadood

Front End Developer

Abdul has been with The Portland Company since early 2016 and is a speedy front end developer that specializes in WordPress Theme Development.


Application Development Staff

Our sister company: (also owned by our Principal Spencer Hill) provides the infrastructure and services for our clients who need application development services.


Yousha Farokey

Yousha Farokey

Senior Application Developer

Yousha has been with us since late 2015 and is an expert in usability testing and planning. His ability to scope out a project and communicate potential obstacles is essential to the success of an application.


Support Staff 


Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill

Accountant & Bookkeeper

Taylor, brother to our Principle, renders accounting, bookkeeping and tax consultation services to The Portland Company through his company Hill Tax, Consulting & Financial Services, Taylor hold’s a license in Tax Consulting (35829-C) and is also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.


Since 2005 we've been offering digital and content marketing strategy and implementation. Including website development, search engine optimization and marketing, search marketing and more.

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