Since 2005 we’ve been offering digital and content marketing strategy and implementation. Including website development, search engine optimization and marketing, search marketing and more.

Firstly, thank you for a moment of your time.

Our Guarantees:

  1. After 12 years of business, we have white-labelled our services to most of the internet marketing companies that you saw in search results (in Portland, Oregon USA).
  2. Competitor Guarantee – If you’re shopping around: we will audit any proposal that a competitor gives you, for free, to help you make the most informed decision you can. We’ll highlight the differences between our services and expose any subtleties or slights-of-hand.
  3. Transparent Pricing – We don’t hide our pricing, or pricing model. We won’t give a different price to you, than the customer just before you. And we won’t ignore or dodge your question: “What’s the cost?”
  4. Pricing Guarantee – We will beat the price of any competitor, for comparable services, internationally, by 5% or better.
  5. Money Back Guarantee – We will get you a return on your investment or your money back*.
  6. Strategy First, Action Second – We will develop a strategy to both grow your business and market it before we do anything else. Our goal is to define actionable steps to measurable results.

 * The competitor must have a registered business with a federal EIN, a website, and at least 3 positive reviews on any major review platform (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc…) 

** The competitor must provide a written proposal in digital format.


Our Certifications

The Portland Company is a BigCommerce Partner


The following is a list of the certifications we have:



Why the coyote in the logo and photo?

Photo Credit: Dennis Davenport Photography

Coyotes, native wildlife to Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest, are experts in survival and growth. They’re also opportunistic and have an incredible ability to scout the landscape and find what they need to grow and protect their pack.

We found this beautiful animal to be a symbol, not only of Portland, but of what it takes to survive and grow in business.

After 12 years, we know what it takes. Not simply to survive something like Google’s algorithm updates or economic downturn. We know the internet marketing landscape so well we can navigate it under moon light and still manage to find you safe passage for your business to reach it’s marketing and revenue goals.


Some Noteworthy Clients

While we’ve worked on literally hundreds, maybe over a thousand, projects in the past decade or so: here are a few brands that you may recognize:

  1. Smith & Wesson – Under a white label, we developed the website for their footwear division when it was first launched circa 2011.
  2. Woodburn Outlet Mall – We provided website design, development and marketing strategy to the major mall here in the Portland, Oregon region.


Our History

The Portland Company was started by Spencer Hill, under a different name, in early 2005. By 2007 we contracted our first graphic designer began shifting from strictly a website development company to a full service internet marketing agency.

By 2009 we had design and programming staff that developed fully-featured WordPress websites and were developing our process for search engine optimization (SEO) and other search marketing and social media marketing services. By 2011 we had multiple success stories of our clients not only ranking in the top three positions of Google’s first-page results, but increased sales and maximized conversion rates for customers.

Throughout this time we hired more staff to service our clients’ needs and officially introduced web application development as a service – typically complimentary to Website Development.

Today, we are a full service content marketing firm offering strategy-first, transparency and accountability focused services including website design, website development, on-site search engine optimization, off-site search engine marketing, and more.

We will grow your business. Would you give us the opportunity?

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Since 2005 we've been offering digital and content marketing strategy and implementation. Including website development, search engine optimization and marketing, search marketing and more.

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