Seeking Part-Time Local PHP Developer

We are seeking a part-time local PHP developer to work out of our Sherwood office.

Job Description

Generally, the work will be scattered and small tasks. Occasionally tasks that may take a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

  • Communicate over email and phone with clients about their same-day change requests.
  • Enter them into our project management tool.
  • Complete those tasks or coordinate with relevant staff (such as a graphic designer on staff) to complete them with maximum focus for the fastest possible turnaround without compromising quality assurance.


  • Telecommuting will almost certainly become the norm. Most of our team operates remotely. But for the first 2 months it will likely be in-office every day between 9AM and 5PM (part time can fit anytime within those hours).
  • Many of us are gamers and have game consoles and gaming laptops available for occasional use here.
  • We are a Teaching Company, so we encourage honesty about your skill-weaknesses and supporting you to learn and improve on them.
  • We’re generally very laid back about what time you show up to work, as long as it doesn’t interfere with clients needs or other staff.
  • If you need, we can provide a laptop and external monitor to work from. Razer Blade 2015 or MacBook Air 2015.

Required Skills

Please, do not apply if you don’t have the following skills:

Note: The scale is:

  • Beginner – You know what it is, you have used it a few times, you understand it, you can read a little bit of it.
  • Intermediate – Have experience debugging, understand the syntax and know the resources to solve virtually any problem.
  • Advanced – You have a lot of syntax memorized, 2 or more years debugging.
  • Expert – 5+ years ongoing direct experience. Have syntax memorized.


  • Intermediate or greater expertise in PHP.
  • Complete comfort debugging PHP errors.
  • Novice or greater experience with Laravel.
  • Advanced in HTML
  • Complete comfort debugging HTML.
  • Advanced in CSS / SASS / LESS
  • Complete comfort debugging CSS and *preferably* SASS / LESS.
  • Beginner or greater experience in JavaScript and an interest in libraries like Vue and React.
  • A passion for programming, learning new languages, libraries.
  • Complete comfort using SFTP.
  • Complete comfort creating servers on Digital Ocean from existing images.

Preferred Skills

  • First hand experience with Git and version control in general. This can be taught, but will be a requirement to learn early on and require commitment to master the basics quickly.

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