Seeking Executive Assistant

We are seeking a part time (2-4 hours a week) executive assistant who will grow into full time.

This person must be local to Portland, Oregon, USA and available to work from our Sherwood, Oregon office daily M-F during the training period. But we encourage working remotely, and respect the rights of Oregon 1099 contractors under state and federal laws.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality Assurance
    • Checking emails before they’re sent to clients for spelling, grammar and comprehension. Doing the same for Proposals and other similar materials.
    • Checking staff’s work when it’s UI / UX (visual, opposed to code) before it’s submitted to clients.
    • Repeating steps we’re going to instruct clients to follow to ensure they’re complete and optimally concise.
    • Recording screencasts to demonstrate things to staff and clients.
    • Conducting screen shares with clients to understand what they are describing when it’s too difficult to do over email or phone.
  • Taskifying
    • Reading emails from clients and creating an itemized list of tasks into our project management system. Then assigning them to our Senior Programmer and Team Lead so he can further delegate and manage.
    • Sometimes clients send us emails with credentials in them. These need added to their profile in our secure storage system.
  • Paying Staff
    • Request staff add their time to our time tracking system on Sunday.
    • Send payments on Monday.
    • Cross reference to budgets and invoices to ensure staff’s time is billed to the client when acceptable.
  • Customer Support Issues
    • When payments to staff get frozen due to fraud alerts contact our bank and the payment company to ensure staff still get paid.
    • When there are issues, even if they’re personal for me, that require someone to call a customer support line of any kind this person will need to be autonomous enough to do those things.
  • Errands
    • Running miscellaneous errands for me such as picking up mail from PO Box, buying office supplies or software, etc…


What we’re looking for:

This position will likely become full time at some point during the second or third quarter of this year. We’re a teaching company and value on the job learning. We are also entrepreneurial and encourage identifying problems within the company, reporting them and proposing solutions. And, of course, we reward staff who do these things with compensation packages, new job titles and responsibilities. It’s not unusual for us to create a new position for a specific person to fill.

  1. Someone whose comfortable learning new software. We deal with, GMail, social media platforms,, Google Analytics and many more. We don’t expect you to know all these, but if you’re scared to learn them this is not the job for you.
  2. Extreme attention to detail.
  3. Excellent spelling and grammar.
  4. Complete reliability & promptness.
  5. Loyalty & autonomy. To us, this means fulfilling your obligations without compromise and looking for opportunities to go the extra mile as if the company was your own. Be autonomous.


To apply:

Send an email to with your resume, preferred wages by the hour and for salary.

By Spencer Hill
Categorized in: Company News, Press Releases
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