Curious about content marketing? Here’s the who, what, where, when, and why.

What is content marketing?

While the phrase “content marketing” is relatively new and trending, the practice is not.

Content marketing is the process of using your resources to create and promote original content that is attractive to an audience.

Effective content marketing will generate a return on investment directly and / or indirectly.

Overall, you can think of Content Marketing as the parent of all the other services you’re familiar with. Such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website design, website development, graphic design and much more. The reason for this is because all of these services should look back to the overall content marketing strategy, and goals, before forming and executing plans of their own.


What are some examples of content marketing?

Anything you experience with your senses is content.

  • Written Content
  • Digital (Graphic) Designs
    • Infographics
    • Banners
  • Photography
  • Videography & Film
    • Viral Videos
    • Videos in Ads
    • Videos on YouTube
  • Narrated Content
    • Podcasts
    • Audio books
  • And much more…


Why should I do content marketing?

If you were building a commercial building: would you hire just a plumber? Or just an electrician?

Of course not. You would hire company that could provide the staff to build the entire structure.

Content Marketing firms bring together the SEO guy, designers, web-devs, etc… and professional researchers and content writers to create content for your brand.

When that happens, you began to generate and syndicate content that attracts people who may be interested in your products and services, but is finding you before they begin looking for your services. This is called brand awareness. And it results in developing loyalty with your audience so when the are looking to purchase your products and services that you come to mind first.

Now, there are other applications for content marketing, but this is the jist.


When should I do content marketing?

Content marketing is not usually a wise place for startups and some small businesses to start because ROI doesn’t usually appear for at least a few months and the recurring cost is substantial because you’re employing a content marketing agency for multiple services.

Because of this, content marketing is usually something that begins after you have a completed some other pre-requisites:

If you haven’t completed these things, then you’re probably not read to begin content marketing.

But if you have, then you may be ready for content marketing »


How much does it cost?

Because content marketing is made up of multiple services, there is not a single price point and if you get a fixed price without an agency interviewing you first with extensive questions about your pre-requisites, history, ROI, etc… then watch out!

We’ve seen competitors who service small to medium sized business for as little as $3,500 a month to $10,000 and beyond. The average being $5,000 a month.

With us, you can expect to spend at least $2,500 a month for content marketing services, but it’s critical we consult with you before you start planning your budget for this service.


What is included in content marketing services?

It will vary by agency, but in our case, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Creation of Preliminary Marketing Strategy if you haven’t employed us for one already.
  3. Research – Our research team will spend weeks and, eventually, months, researching your company, industry, products and services and demographics before developing content.
    • Demographics
    • Competitors
    • Media and Platform Channels
    • Define goals and how to measure success.
    • Ideate – The process of coming up with an outline for the content, style (humor, informational, aesthetic, etc…), script, etc…
  4. Select preliminary topics, platforms and demographics.
  5. Review proposed approach with you.
  6. Begin creating content (photography, design, video, blogs, etc…)
  7. Syndicate content.
  8. Track, measure and report.
  9. Revise based on reports.
  10. Repeat 3-10.


How do I get a return on my investment?

Short Answer

We recommend our clients expect to see a return on investment between months 3 and 9 of a campaign. We’ll narrow this down after a consult and the initial services begin.

Longer Answer

Each of the services that make up content marketing are tracked, measured and reported uniquely. But, as far as associating a return on investment with the content that has been created itself, we provide monthly and quarterly reports that show how the goals, previously defined, are trending.

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