My First Time with Roots’ Trellis + Bedrock + Sage

This article was written to document some of the specific challenges I had that other’s using Roots’ Trellis + Bedrock + Sage may experience as well. My hope is that anyone who gets stuck will be able to save themselves the many hours it cost me to track down these solutions and understand precisely why they happened in the first place.


Backstory (Skip if you don’t care)

Despite Roots always being an extremely advanced and, from my perspective, complicated system – I simply could never deny that it was a tremendous step forward for the WordPress community and something that the WordPress Core should adopt (or some variation thereof).


Starting Over

Like when you’re playing SimCity and you get in so deep that trying to re-lay your streets and plumbing and electricity would bankrupt you… sometimes you just need to start over.

In the case of Trellis, you just navigate to ~/path/to/your/site/trellis and then execute vagrant destroy

If you need to delete the entire site as well, you can your site folder and that’s starting over completely fresh.


Subtle Issues

Error: Vagrant error: NFS is reporting that your exports file is invalid

In my case, and others from what I’ve read, this occurs when you have already run a particular Vagrant command. I don’t know precisely what that command is, but I know it occurs at some point after you execute `vagrant up` command.

Solution: sudo nano /etc/exports/ - Then delete the contents of the file and save.



Error: `The conditional check ‘site_uses_local_db and item.value.db_create |default(True)’ failed. The error was: error while evaluating conditional(site_uses_local_db and item.value.db_create | default(True)): {{site_env.db_host == ‘localhost’ }}: {{ wordpress_env_defaults |combine(item.value.env | default({}), vault_wordpress_sites[item.key].env)}}: ‘dict object’ has no attribute u’’`


Spencer Hill
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