The Data Visualization Experiment (Try It!)

Visually appealing designs are one part of great design. But understanding how to communicate information through visual representation is another influential part.

When I’m teaching someone what this really means, I have found this experiment to be effective:


When you’re done reading this sentence, I want you to click this link to a photo of Mt. Hood and look at it for 3 seconds or less. Then write down, in as much detail as possible, what you saw. What season was it? What time of day was it? Why type of landscape / region was it? What objects were in the photo?


Assuming you did it, now try to reread what you just wrote in less than 3 seconds… Don’t worry, you probably couldn’t do it. And that’s the point.


There is a psychology behind this, but I’ll let you read more on that somewhere else. The application in marketing is that everyone trying to sell or say something has a limited amount of time to communicate their message. So communicating concisely, but thoroughly, becomes critical.

Can someone visiting your website or seeing your ads digest and recall what you do after just a few seconds of viewing your collateral? If not, this is one way a professional internet marketing firm, or website design company can help you.

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One last thought for you. What I find most exciting about this psychology, is how many different ways of “hacking” our brains with visual communication there is. Here are a few examples:


We can create these things for your business to increase your sales and conversion rates.

So we’d be happy to spend some more time talking with you about how it applies to your business »

Spencer Hill
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