AdWords & Analytics Quirks

AdWords & Analytics Quirks

Posted on 30th, March 2015 9:57 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: AdWords, Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

This document outlines some of the quirks I’ve noticed when doing campaign management for PPC customers. AdWords reports a different click volume than Analytics does. This is because Analytics shows the Sessions instead of “clicks”, but beside that it shows the “Users” which represents individual people opposed to the times they’ve visited the site. The “Users” matches […]

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How to fix Mac full screen, minimize and close buttons

Posted on 18th, March 2015 9:26 AM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: OS X

This post is the result of numerous tests and experiments and ultimately combing one of the answers, by @WladamirPalant, on this StackExchange thread and a reply made by @userM1433372.   Globally Download BetterTouchTool Drag it into your Applications folder and then double click the Application to start it. Select “Other” from the right side of […]

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Paypal & Quickbooks Quirks

Posted on 13th, March 2015 7:12 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Paypal

We rely on Paypal as our credit and debit card processor, as well as our payment gateway for our website. We’ve found the benefit of receiving payments immediately paired with the Paypal Debit Card irreplaceable when standing up against higher processing fee’s, more complicated setups and inexplicable delays of 3-5+ business days to wait for funds to […]

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Razer Blade 2016 Wishlist

Posted on 10th, March 2015 12:18 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Blade, Razer, Reviews

I switched from a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite to a Razer Blade Pro 2014 running Windows 8.1 in February and, while I’m very pleased with it there are a few items that, if improved, would lead me to buy a newer model.   1. Magnetic Charger (AKA MagSafe) I have kids, and […]

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Bugs & Lacking Features in CodeAnywhere

Posted on 7th, March 2015 12:24 PM by Spencer Hill

Posted in: Reviews

First off, I really appreciate the excellent customer service – and the free product – provided by the staff at CodeAnywhere. Despite it’s few failings it really is an amazing application and I’m grateful for everything they’ve done. I’ve reported all of these concerns to CodeAnywhere and received swift and timely responses from them each […]

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