Learning Motion 5

This article is a semi-organized outline of questions I had from the first time I opened Motion to the time I completed my project.

While Learning Final Cut Pro X I quickly envisioned animation and visual effects, including text, in my newest video. Since I’d enjoyed my experience with Final Cut Pro X, thus far, I decided to explore what Apple might recommend. That is how I stumbled across Motion 5.

The first thing I wanted to accomplish with Motion was to have a text based logo appear to be written, calligraphy style, across the screen.

  • Upon opening the application I saw the templates but I really didn’t know what I could expect, particularly in relationship to what I wanted to achieve. So I referred to the Help section and began reading, although, as I reviewed the outline of chapters it seemed a little more technical than training oriented.
  • What is Retiming footage? – Changing the speed of a clip.
  • How to change the font of text in Motion? – Highlight the text and press CMD T.
  • How to change a Layers opacity in Motion? –  Select the Layer and press F1.

Spencer Hill
Categorized in: Video Production
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